Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another slice of gardening...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Adri came to visit this weekend. So we made the most of it and head off to buy some new plants =)

As you know, I already have some bulbs growing on the terrace (though I moved some of them and they don't seem to like the new pot they're in at the moment, more on this later on). I also have an orquid inside, a mini rose bush and a pot of parsley. 

For some time, I've wanted to start my own mini-farm, with tomatos, peppers, lettuce... Talking to a friend it seems I may soon be in possesion of a new tomato plant. But I couldn't just have tomatoes!!! So we picked up a packet of pepper seeds and set out to plant them. We used a small cardboard seed pot (in the pictures below) and they are now growing (I hope) in our laundry room, where it's warm and humid. 

We also bought lavanda seeds, which are growing in a flowerpot on the terrace. 

And this is the most immediate addition to a garden. I actually let it grow outside for two days, before realizing I should be keeping it indoors. I have now moved it to the laundry room to recover and given it plenty of water!! 

Promise to update on the seeds!!! Happy Gardening!!

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