Monday, April 30, 2012

Cleaning Series Part 1: Let's talk about cleaning

Happy Monday to you all!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! Unfortunately for us here in Granada, it's been raining throughout, so nothing much to do other than stay indoors and pray they'll be something to do. 

Saturday was cleaning day, here in out flat. And though my roommate's on a weekend holiday home, I can't bear the thought of skipping cleaning day!! It may sound strange to most of you, seeing as cleaning isn't the most loved of housechores, but when you spend all week with you butt on a chair in front of a book, a little Saturday cleaning is just what I need!! 

So, how do we organize ourselves to keep this flat squeeky clean??

First of all, we made a chart. That way, each week everyone knows what has to be done. We focus on 4 common rooms and then each of us does their own bedroom. The common rooms are the living room, kitchen and the two bathrooms. 

Once we both know what rooms we need to clean that week, it's time to decide what needs to be done in each room. For example, in the living room, the furniture must be dusted and polished every week but the windows can get off with being washed properly once a month (especially if it's rain season like now).

Personally, I love making lists, so I decided to  make one (or two) for cleaning day: 

- Clean stove and grates. 
- Wipe worktops and front of cupboards. 
- Wash any dishes and put away. 
- Clean sink and tap. 
- Clean microwave. 
- Sweep and mop floor

Living room:
- Declutter (everything where it belongs)
- Clean glass tables. 
- Dust and polish furniture. 
- Sweep and mop floor. 

- Clean mirror
- Clean sink, bath, toilet
- Scrub toilet
- Emtpy rubbish bins
- Change towels
- Sweep and mop floor. 

- Declutter (put clothes where they belong!!)
- Clean mirrors.
- Dust furniture
- Change bedding and make bed
- Sweep and mop floor. 

And that's pretty much it!! We also haves chores like taking out the trash and laundry, but we don't need lists for those!

Other lists I also enjoy making are daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally lists. I have a printable for our household binder (coming soon!) but I'd like to laminate it first, so I can dry erase. 

If you'd like to take a look:

So, what cleaning schedule do you use? How do you split the housework, with kids, husband, roommate? Please comment!!

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