Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bathroom cabinet: Part 1

Once I start organizing things, there really is no stopping me!!

This weekend it was the bathroom cabinet's turn! 

Our current flat has 2 bathrooms, though the storage space has been arranged in a funny way. The big bathroom (the one we use most frequently) only has a small cupboard (enough for toothpaste and a few bottles) and the small bathroom has a HUGE cabinet (I don't have enough things to fill it yet!). 

This means most of my creams and hairdryer are in the small bathroom. I use it almost everyday, so I thought it has to be an organized space! The problem was that the cables from my hairdyer and hot iron kept falling off the shelf (really bugged me!)

Welcome to my cabinet!!

I know it's empty. My plan is to fill it up with pretty baskets!!

Talking about plans...I have quite a big plan for this lil' cabinet:

The two top shelves (will) have two white baskets: one for the hairdryer and one for the hot iron and curler. This is what I'm going to show you in part 1 of this cabinet makeover!!

The second shelf has two blue open boxes, for creams and lotions, one for him and one for her. It also has jars with cotton buds and cotton wool (with labels!!)
At the moment, the third shelf is taken by my roomate, so no plans for now. 

So, it's time for part 1!! As I said, it was really annoying me everytime I opened the cupboard doors because the hairdryer cables kept falling out. So I decided the best option would be to put them in baskets. The small bathroon has blue tiles and white furniture and I wanted to keep this colour theme inside the bathroom cabinet. I decided white baskets would look best. I picked these two out at a nearby store for 2.50 €/each. 

But the white baskets alone were quite boring. I needed something to spice it up!! So I made a couple of labels for the front (using labels from bhg.com as my starting image). 

I print all my labels on thick paper and stick them on with double sided tape. I find this way I can print them out in any size I want and I don't have to spend money or space to buy packets of pre-cut labels. 

I stuck the hairdryer and the irons inside the baskets and popped them back on the top shelf. 

Before and after:

More from this bathroom makeover soon!!

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