Friday, May 25, 2012

Bathroom cabinet: Part 2

Here it is!!! Part 2 of my bathroom cabinet make over. I'm actually not sure how many parts there will be, but just having a part two makes it an actual series!! Woohoo!!!
So let's go back to how I used to have the bathroom cabinet:

As you can see, cables and empty boring shelves. Dull, huh?? 
Well, in part 1 I made over the top shelf, adding some pretty white baskets to hide the hairdryer and the hot irons. This time it was the middle shelf's turn!!

This was the original plan for the cabinet:

The plan for middle shelf were the two blue boxes (one for him, tough there isn't one yet, and one for her), to put all the lotions and creams and shaving stuff inside. And next to the boxes, there's a place for jars with cotton buds and cotton wool. 
At the moment, while I still share the cabinet with my roommate, the third shelf is off limits, so the second shelf is where I'll keep anything that hasn't got it's own space yet. 

After another week or so searching for the perfect blue boxes, this is the closest thing I found to original. I actually had something else in mind: something made of metal, but plastic works best in the bathroom. 

I put all my lotions in the blue boxes and made some nice white labels (quite tricky to cut out) for the front of the boxes. At the moment, I'm not going to be using the "him" one yet, though I thought perhaps my roommate could use that one too, so I thought I'd take of picture with it in there.

What do you think?? The "HIM" box is kinda empty for now...
Here's a picture of the both shelves:

Quite an improvement, right??

I have plans for the bottom half of the shelf, coming soon!! And maybe even some inspirational photos.... =)

Hope you liked this week's project. 

Not much left to write about, need a new list:
- Startburst mirror in progress
- Bathroom cabinet Part 2
- Kitchen wortop makeover
- Drawer organization
- Make-up organization
- Inside my wardrobe
- Plant care
- Household binder: to do

I'd love to write more frequently, but finals are just beginning so it's time to really hit the books. I'll still try to leave posts prepared for you all to enjoy!! 
For now, just wishing you all a creative and...


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