Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Household Binder Project: Part 1

On Monday I mentioned something about a Household binder. Yes, that's right, I have one of them. They are such wonderful things!!

Years ago, while reading some blogs about home and time organization, I stumbled across the concept of a Household Binder (also known as household notebook and such other names).

I had already sort of made one, but I hadn’t really started to apply it to my daily life until only recently. And as I started to discover the wonders of it, I also discovered I didn’t like the style I had used. I had made it so long ago and with free printables I had found on the net, and I just didn’t feel it was me. So I decided to start over.

First of all, I took out all the pages and left the binder completely empty.

Got some separators and  decided which categories I wanted in this binders (I decided old papers for past years and photocopies of documents would soon be put away in some sort of filing cabinet, future project!!). This is what I decided:
-          To do lists
-          Cleaning
-          Menu planning
-          Bills and finance
-          Phone numbers
-          Planners
-          Personal info
-          Uni papers
-          Medical papers

Then I made some labels for them (very hand-made)

This time I decided to make my own forms to go inside the folder. I was very inspired by the printables on CleanMama’s page, and adapted her lists to my own and hey presto!! I have my own new lovely forms!!!

Finally, I had to put the whole thing together. I made a cover for the binder and violà! There I have it! My very own, very personally made, Household Binder.

In future posts I will talk about each category separately. Hope to see you there!!

Hope you found this useful!! What categories do you have in your Household binder?? Or do you have another wonderful way of organizing your paperwork? Please share in the comments below!!!

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