Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Household binder: To Do's

I am a list maker. That's all I have to say. I make a list for absolutely everything. If I have to go shopping, I make a "shopping list"; if I have to move, I make a "moving list"; if I have to water the plants, I make a list. So, it's only normal to expect I'd constantly make to do lists. 

A few years ago, if my mum or dad would I ask me to run to the store to get  3 o 4 bits and bobs, there was no way out by saying I forgot. Oh, no! Because Sam never forgets. However, with the overwhelming amount of information we're asked to retain in uni I feel my head is constantly full, if I want to remember something new, I have to forget some of the old. Therefore I cannot depend on my memory to get things done. So I write them down. 

And here's where the magnificent Household Binder comes in handy. 
The first section of this magnificent invention is the TO DO section. I don't really keep much else than a Master To Do list. 

Unless I have an unusual busy day, if there's something I must remember to get done, I usually just write it on a post-it (love, adore, worship them!), and I leave the big To Do List for things I need to get done, just not immediately. 
For example, if I need to paint a room or fix a lamp and I know when I need to get it done by, I'll jot it down on the list. Or maybe there's a form I have to fill in, but it's not due until next month, I write it down and every week I'll flip through the binder and be reminded of my following chores. 

I'm going to share the form I made with you all. Just print it out here and start scribbling in all the things you want to get finished:
The first column is for the date it was written (so you know exactly how long you've put it off for). The second is for the task itself and the third column is where you jot down the target date for the task or project. The last column just let's you know it's been completed =)

So, how do you keep track of your tasks? Do you have a notebook just for this cause or are you more a digital person? Let us know in the comments below!

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