Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Project Starburst Mirror: Finished!!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, one of my projects was to make a startburst mirror to put on the blank wall above my bed.
Today, I am pround to announce that I finally did it!!
It took some time to gather the right materials and break a mirror in the progress, but to tell the truth, I love the finished result!.

This is the inspirational mirror, what my mirror was supposed to look like:

Let's take a look at the step-by-step:

1. First of all, I gathered all the materials I needed for the job: mirror, wooden skewers, spray paint, glue gun, marker and ruler. I set in all out on the terrace on top of some cardboard, so not the spray paint the floor!!

2. Next, after taking the metal stand of the mirror, I used the permanent marker and the ruler to divide the mirror into 8 sections (as best as I could). 

3. I decided I was going to use 5 skewers for each section, plus the 8 for each line I'd drawn: total of 48 skewers. I laid them out on the cardboard and spray-painted away!! It was a bit tricky because the skewers would start rolling and I had a hard time covering them completely. But, I managed somehow.

4. My intention was to add the skewers so that some would be shorter than others, which meant I had to measure them. The longest measured 23 cm, the next 22, the next 21 and the shortest 20cm. After I finished the mirror I thought I should have made them slightly shorter ( maybe 2cm difference instead of 1). I measured them and marked them with the permanent marker. 

5. Using the hot glue gun, I stuck the longest skewers onto the mirror, where I'd marked out each section. The glue dried pretty quickly, so it wasn't too sticky to do!

6. I continued the fill in each section with the skewers, making sure the shortest were in the middle of each section. 

7. And voilá!!! This is my finished result!!

Before and after:

So, what do you think?? You like?? I know I do!!

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