Thursday, May 31, 2012

Slowly springing into Summer...

Isn't it wonderful? The weather I mean. The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing and the swallows are learning how to fly. I love this blue-sky weather!!

I aslo love how the sun and heat are helping (most of) my plants grow =) Unfortunately, the spring bulbs I planted at the beginning of February have started to burn with the sun, while the bulbs themselves are actually rotting (urgh!!). But I'm happy to announce that our mini rose bush has decided to flower again and the tomato...well, that's just an amazing story! 

This is what I started with (it was actually half the size when it was first given to me):
Now it's double the size and looks like this:

Huge, isn't it? It has quite a few yellow flowers and 3 tiny tomatoes, that have started to grow =)

The mini rose bush is doing well, too. I was actually quite worried about it for a while because after Winter passed it sort of stopped growing. But it's back in full bloom again, with it's lovely red roses. The only problem I have is with insects, soon to be eliminated.  

And though it's not outside, the orquid is also showing signs of life! After all it's flowers fell off I was concerned it wouldn't stay alive for long, but I was wrong! And I'm happy I was! It now has a new leaf growing in the center. 

Do any of you have any spring garden news? A favourite plant? Anyone preparing anything for summer? Love to know!!!

And a special hello from our new "pets" living on the terrace: Louis the lizard and Bumble the bee! =D

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