Sunday, June 17, 2012

Food Week in the box!

When I think of summer, a lot of things come to mind: sandals, flimsy dresses, flowers, beaches and with them the aim for the perfect beachbody. Yes, summer is a time to look at what we eat and cut back on things we shouldn't really be eating, in order to acheive a great figure for your new bikini.

That is why, nothing better than proclaiming this week: Food Week.

I'll take you through some of my healthy food tips, some of my favourite recipes, how to shop and more! Here's what's coming up this week:

Monday: Healthy eating
Tuesday: Menu planning
Wednesday: Smart shopping
Thursday: Organize the fridge
Friday: Healthy cooking tecniques

To sum it up, I'll be covering WHAT we should be eating, WHEN we should be eating it, HOW TO BUY what we eat, HOW TO STORE what we eat and HOW TO COOK it. 

I hope your looking forward to this themed week because I know I'm already feeling hungry!! 

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