Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harder than expected

What's harder than expected, I hear you ask? BLOGGING. Yup, it's not so much a piece of cake as having to bake the whole thing. 

I've been blogging for...3 months now? Well, almost, and I find myself wrestling with my mind to come up with new things to write about. I know what I'd like to write about, but that involves actually doing things at home: buying baskets and boxes and organizing things, painting, buy new furniture, etc. And with me hardly living there until the fall, it's a lil' bit harder to come up with a new subject than I expected. 

Blogging about decorating, cleaning or organizing, involves thinking about the project, purchasing the needed materials, finding the time to do it, taking pictures, editing pictures and writing about it. The last three steps are free but the first three are either not free or need inspiration (not always present). 

Now that the lease on the flat has finally been signed, we've spent some time planning what we'd like to do with it. We also have to keep in mind our budget, which really isn't very much, which is why we have to keep any projects on the cheap. 

So far, these are some projects I have in mind:

- Living room: upgrade TV furniture. Obviously, we're not allowed to go around the house spray painting the furniture or breaking it into pieces, which means we have to work with what we have. So, where the TV goes, we have a huge piece of furniture with two glass cabinets, 5 drawers, some shelf space and a couple of cupboards. It's excellent for storage, but the problem is we don't exactly know what we're going to store in it.
This year, since I shared the flat with a roommate, we sort of kept everything personal in our own rooms and only put a few things away in this piece of furniture. But this fall, I'll have to take things out of my bedroom (because now it's our bedroom) and move them into the living room: cables, DVDs, books...
I'm drawing a furniture plan at the moment to decide where we'll place everything, which will be coming soon. 

- Bathroom cabinet: I already started a series about this cupboard, and already upgraded and organized the first two shelves. Now it's time to think about the third shelf in the top half and the other 3 shelves in the bottom half. I was thinking something along the line of brown baskets. 

- Terrace: Yesterday I already published a post about our terrace floor plan. It includes the raised vegetable garden, a small cupboard for gardening tools and lots and lots of flower pots!!

- Kitchen: I have plans to fix up the kitchen drawers with shelf liners (or wallpaper) and drawer organizers. I also thought it might be a good idea to purchase a knife box to protect our fingers from ugly cuts. 

-Laundry room: hang up some pictures and some elbow-greased cleaning to transform it into a calmer room that will hopefully make laundry a little less of a task.  

Next I'll be heading back to the flat, with my helpful camera, and I intend to snap a few "before" pictures to contrast with the "after" results. 
Will definitely be keep you all updated!!

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