Sunday, June 10, 2012

Looking after guests

Last weekend (OMG! I let a whole week go by!) my mum and sister finally came to visit. And what better time to practice my hosting skills than while they were here? 

I had been looking forward to this visit for some time now (it has been postponed once before), so I was determined for everything to be perfect. 
The room they stayed in is where I usually study, and with all the finals around the corner it really wasn't a pretty sight. I can prove it but please do not judge. 

So obviously I had to beautify the place before they arrived. I spent all morning cleaning, made the beds and spraying air freshner, and also left some personal gifts...

I got this idea here 

I also laid out some magazines, fresh towels and lovely smelling bars of soap (I have a weird love for these soap bars).

We had coconut chicken with cranberry sauce, rice and salad with yoghurt dressing. Yum!!

We took a walk up to La Alhambra. Isn't it beautiful? 

And here they both are looking beautiful!! Beside the duck pond in my favourite park in Granada! 
It was great having them stay with me for the weekend and I hope they come again soon!! 
Anybody else have any wonderful guests recently? Please tell!!

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