Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The perfect table setting

I've been looking for the perfect table setting for our dining room, for those dinners at home with family and friends. I found there's something about the blue-and-white combination that gets my heart popping.
I've set my sights on a plain light blue tablecloth and white round china plates. White napkins and blue napkin rings. Silver cutlery. And the yellow flowers are just to add an extra pop of colour and joy to the table.

Other things I'd love to add to the table would be:

Glass jug from IKEA (lovely, right?)

A nice blue mug to go with the nice blue tablecloth =)

I love the idea of a wooden breakfast tray =)

For some reason I see this table setting as more of a breakfast table, rather than lunch or dinner. I can imagine it now, with toast, milk, orange juice, jam, COFFEE! 

What other things would YOU add to your table? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Share with us in the comments below =)

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