Friday, June 29, 2012

Wooden Tray Makeover

This Wednesday I head to the local market in search of some cheap DIY material, only to find that it has been replaced for the next two weeks by the local fair. I got so depressed...I headed to the "dollar store" (here it's actually a cheap store run by Chinese people, a.k.a Chinese shop). And I was lucky enough to find some pieces I was looking for, for half the originally planned price. Ohhhhh, yeah!!!

One of the pieces I picked up was a plain wooden tray. I'd seen one just like it in Ikea for about 9€, but I picked this one up for only 4€!! Now, that's a bargain. But as I said, it was a plain tray, no decoration, no nothings. So, obviously, I had to spruce it up a little. 

This was the original tray:
As you can see it was nothing special, just a plain ol' tray. 

For this makeover project I didn't need very much: measuring tape (or ruler), autoadhesive coloured paper (can also use wrapping paper and adhesive spray), scissors and the tray, of course. I only spent a total of 5,20€ on the whole project.  
 1. First I measured the inside of the tray and cut out a rectangle of paper with the same measurements (in my case it was 36x24cm). Those bubbles on the paper you can see in the picture made measuring it a not-so-easy job. 
2. Next I carefully stuck the paper to the inside of the tray, making sure there weren't any air bubbles with a cloth. And this was the finished result!! A perfect new breakfast tray!! 
What I love most about this project (as with all my DIY projects) is that, even though I could have bought something similar already made, the fact that this was DIY-ed just makes it that much special. (I also discovered in the process that Jake is afraid of coloured paper).

Before and after?

So, have you done anything DIY lately?? Or maybe you're planning a DIY-ing weekend? I know I'll be squishing my brains out to come up with new things to make and create!!

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