Monday, July 2, 2012

Colour scheme: Living room

As you all know, at the moment we're living (or soon going to live) in a rented appartment, which means there isn't very much we can change about it. We do have plans to buy a house someday, when our financial situation improves, after we get married, but we still have a few lightyears to wait for that. But there are things we CAN do to make our home that little bit more "us" and less "flat-someone's-letting-us-live-in-for-a-while".

When it comes round to thinking about things to buy for the home, like accesories (cushions, photo frames, vases), we like looking for things that fit into the planned colour scheme for our future house. That way, when we do finally move, we'll already have most of the things we'd like (except for furniture). When we talked about the colours we'd like in the living room, we decided a calm, sea theme with white furnitue was our favourite choice. Though I'll probably talk about our future living room plan in another post, our living room colour future colour scheme looks something like this:

When we were reading the contract with the landlords, the topic about "painting" came up and it seems we might be able to do some painting of our own, as long as it isn't some sort of neon green, and we pay for it. We weren't sure if they'd be on board with painting the walls of the living room blue (which was our original thought), so we thought we'd work on the safe side and leave the blue to the cushions and other what nots. 

At the moment the colour of the walls throughout the whole house are similar to this shade of yellow:
The problem is it's too yellow for us, so we'd thought we'd stay along the same line but a couple of shades lighter. Some of the possible colours we picked are:
As you can see, they're quite similar to the original colour in the flat, but because they're lighter shades, we hope it might open up the room a little, making it seem a lil' bit bigger (and not so yellow). 

We still have to go over all the details and colours with the landlord but hopefully for this time next year soon we'll have a freshly painted living room. 

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