Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's gonna be a long Summer...

Of course I'm looking forward to all the sun, the beach, the pool, the free time (maybe a summer job), but when it comes to blogging, it's going to be tight. Not living in the apartment for about 2 months means I won't be able to move on with any of the work we want to get done (painting, furniture, etc). 
I have a feeling this Summer is going to be mainly about planning and walking through stores searching for ideas. 
I have now officially finished all my exams and am now on my way back to Estepona for the holidays. I'm sure Following Sam will be a little more active as I do plan on filling my days with productive fun plans (and if not there's always Jake), but Sam's Box may be a little empty for a while. Who knows? Maybe I'll get weirdly inspired with all that sun on my head and blog non-stop for 2 months straight (doubt it). 
Anyhoo, I promise to come back strong in September with more "adventures" from Sam's Box... and hopefully some new furniture!!

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