Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinning: Eggs

The other day I was helping a friend organize all her school materials, now that the school year is over and when we put them away on the shelf I came across one of their decorations, that had always been there but had never caught my eye: an orangey-black dotted (big) egg. The first time I'd seen it, I hadn't thought much about it, but the other day it sort of shouted at me and I automatically thought "I want one".
So, obviously, I hopped into Pinterest and started searching for others like it, when I found these:

There's something about them that just makes me want to put them on my shelf.

Remember my living room TV furniture plan I posted a couple of weeks ago? Remember all the blanks? Let me refresh your memory:

As you can see, the plan still has a few blanks to fill. Wouldn't one of these eggs look nice next to the photo frame on the left  (yes, that blue deformed-rectangle is supposed to be a photo frame)?? Or perhaps next to the plant?? 

All I know is from now on I'll be one the hunt for some big eggs!!

Has anyone else seen something interesting on Pinterest?? Or maybe in a friend's house?? Comment below!!

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