Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Summer Challenge: Complete!!

When I heard about the Pinterest Challenge: summer edition over on Young House Love and Bower Power I thought "what a great idea!". I'm always pinning things but somehow never get round to the doing. So I clicked on over to Pinterest to go over my boards looking for something I could do with my college-money-about-to-run-out-for-the-year budget and I was shocked to discover I hadn't really pinned anything very crafty (it all seemed to be complete rooms or recipes). And then began my search for a project! I remember seeing a few things but not having pinned them so I looked them up again. 
One of these want-to-make projects was a Travel Map I first saw on Young House Love, that I thought was absolutely adorable!! I did a bit of math and decided it was a quick and easy project (and cheap) that I'd be able to get done in 7 days. 
This is the pin from the original project: 
To see their whole post about sentimental, click on over here.

Instead of using an American map, I chose to use a Spanish one, since I'm guessing I'll do a bit more travelling over here. 
I found a map with most cities on it using Google Images and printed it out on a sheet of A3 paper. I also gathered the rest of materials: paintbrush (I wanted a white frame), white acrylic paint, masking tape, a 40x30 corkboard, pins and sheets of newpaper for the floor. 
The first thing to do was to paint the frame white. I didn't want the paint to completely cover the wood underneath, just wanted a lighter frame. I protected the inside of the corkboard with masking tape. Even though it would be covered with the map, I considered maybe using the same board for something else in the future.  
Now for the fun part. Painting!!
Once the paint had tried (it took like 3 minutes) I pulled the masking tape off and inserted a hook on the top part of the back of the frame (did you get that?).  
This is the map without the pins yet. As you can see, the frame hasn't really changed that much, but it is a bit lighter (the light from the living room headlight gives it a yellow-y feel).  
Now for the pins!! These were ones I already had, but I'm going to look for thinner ones, so they don't overlap when the cities are close together. 
Voilà!! That's our very own travel map. It took less than half an hour to make, with the paint-drying included.  
As I said at the beginning, I was looking for a cheap project, so here's the breakdown:
- map (printed at printers..duh!) = 0,50€
- corkboard (came with 2 hooks)= 2,50€
- white acrylic paint (still have some leftover) = 0,90€
- pins (already owned) = 0€
TOTAL = 3,90€ Ohhhhh, yeah!!!! 

I just wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful hosts of this edition to thank them for encouraging me to get off my...bottom. 

Can't wait to hear about all the projects you've all finished!!


  1. That's funny I did the same thing for the winter Pinterest challenge http://madeinmorningside.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/winter-pinterest-challenge3rd-time.html But have still to find somewhere to put it....oops!!xox

  2. Yours turned out really great!! we haven't visited as many places together yet to use a world map...perhaps in the future haha


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