Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School Supplies

I still have about 3 weeks before my classes start, but the school supplies are already in the shops and I can't help but get a little giddy. Yes, I have accepted I am just weird. One of kind. One of a weird kind.

I'm going to tell you about the school supplies basics that I NEED NEED NEED for the rest of the year. Later on, once I'm back in Granada, I'll tell you all about organizing the desk and where and how to organize class notes (well, how I do it anyways). Let's proceed!

The first thing I like to buy before the year starts is an academic planner to make life so much simpler. I just find it a vital piece of equipment if I plan on surviving the year, with it's exams and projects to give in. Introducing planner of the year 2012-2013:

I prefer a planner that offers a view of the whole week. That way I have a better look at the things I need to accomplish each week. 
This year I've decided I'm going to try colour-coding the different types of tasks I need to get done: exams, class schedule changes, school related to-dos, non school related to-dos and blog related. 
I've already taken the time to jot down the exams I have this year, when school starts, when exam periods start and finish (we don't have class during those), national holidays, Christmas and Easter holidays, etc. 

I every size, shape and colour, I am a complete Post It junkie. Seriously, square, long rectangles, smaller rectangles, in the shape of a flag or arrow, paper, plastic, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue. You name it.

I prefer using BIC pens to other brands because they are so much cheaper and I take a LOT of notes. But I prefer the BIC Crystal Fine blue and black pens. I use them every day for taking notes, making flash cards, writing in my planner. For EVERYTHING.

My favourite pens/markers for writing heading and subheadings are edding 1200 markers. There come in a wide variety of colours and really aren't that expensive if you're only looking for a few colours (I think they sell them for about 80 cents here). I only have this one here, the rest are in Granada, oops!

I still have a short to-do list before school starts with important things like moving. Can you imagine me taking classes in Granada while still living 215km away? No can do!

But there still seems to be someone who's not in a rush to get back to class:

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Who else is getting ready for school? Any other organizing ideas or study tips?


  1. I LOVE those edding markers! I have them in like 10 different colours. I usually use them for highlighting.
    I also prefer planners with a weekly view rather than one day per page. I like seeing the whole week at a glance :D

    1. I find the markers work really well for writing headings when we start a new chapter in class, but sometimes use them for highlighting too =)Thanks for reading!


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