Monday, August 27, 2012

Bag De-cluttering

I knew it was time to clean out my bag the day I looked (and did not suceed) for a chewing gum and just found junk. 
Okay, so maybe not all of it was junk but it sure didn't belong there. So I grabbed my bag and emptied it's contents onto the bed to take a further look.

Here is the complete list:

- case for sunglasses
- wallet
- purse for loose change
- loose change
- iPod
- camera and cover
- keys
- USB pendrive
- mobile
- passport
- bank book (from when my debit card stopped working)
- pen
- lipstick
- handcream
- hair band
- iron tablets
- birth control pills
- dog poopie bags
- tea bag (don't ask)
- old reciepts
- chewing gum wrappers

Okay, that's all of it! 

So, what did I do with it all? Well, most of it had to go back in the bag (obviously, using the various pockets inside for some sort of pseudo-organization). Old receipts? Bin. Chewing gum wrappers? Bin. Dog poopie bags? Well, those just had to stay. At least they have little hearts on them to make them a little less gross. 

Anyone have any tips to keep my everyday bag a little less cluttered?

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