Friday, August 17, 2012

In a Faraway Home: Dad's Living Room

This is Part 2 of my dad's adventure in the DIY section. Two weeks ago I told you all about the patio and today we're moving on to the living room. It was once an L-shaped living room slash dining room, with the patio doors in the living room. A few years ago the patio door was moved to the dining room, and the hole where it used to be was turned into a wall for the TV. 
Now, a few years down the line, both walls have been knocked down and the room has become a lot bigger. 
Another thing to add is the texture of the walls. They used to have gotelé (it kind of looks like someone's splattered paint all over the wall and it's meant to disguise uneven walls). Well, that has also disappeared and now the previous white bumpy walls are now soft yellow smooth walls.

Let's move on to the photos shall we?? These four photos are the first ones I managed to capture, once the whole transformation was already in process. Notice the general disorder:

The walls were smoothed down, moldings were added, the room was painted, new light fixtures were installed and the furniture had been replaced. This is where they are at the moment:

Excuse the flash, oops!

It's quite an improvement from the first stages, right?


There are still a few things to do, such as hang more wall art and pick out new lights for the ceilings, as well as some electric tweaks. But hopefully, soon, it will be a fully functioning brand new living room!! Kinda cool, right? Will update you all a.s.a.p.

Anyone else doing any remodelling? Please comment below!

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