Friday, August 3, 2012

In a Faraway Home: Dad's Patio

This is the first post of this new series "In a Faraway Home...". Here I'll be posting photos of home makeovers and DIYs, by other people other than myself (especially since I can't really do much in a rented flat or during the summer). First I'm showing you one of the latest remodelling projects my dad's taken on: the living room and patio. Today I'll just focus on the patio.

Lately, his DIY-ing self has really kicked in and last time I was home, there were 3 new bathrooms!! Next, he decided to tackle the living room, so he knocked down one of the walls (no, two actually) and made it bigger, reducing the patio space (it's still big enough though).

Unfortunately, there aren't any "before" pictures, but there are "in process" ones, so I'll try to talk you through it. Hopefully you'll get an idea of what it used to look like.

These two photos are the first I captured, once the old floor tiles had been removed and the floor had been raised (there used to be three steps from the top part of the patio (now part of the living room) to the bottom part. 

The next two photos show the patio after the new floor had been laid (it's actually almost identical to the previous floor tiles). 

And just when you think everything's started to clean up, in comes the patio furniture, taking up most of the space and shoving the old plastic one to the side (must get rid of later!).  

At this point of the transformation, the idea of turning one of the flower beds into a bench/garden storage came up (out of the blue!). So this is what it looked like at the time:
To this day, the white plastic table has been stored in the garage, in case we have more people over or even for a day a the beach. The green and white canopy has also been replaced with a new one, a few shades darker and of a different material. 
Since the patio itself isn't oficially finished, I haven't got any proper "after" photos yet, so I'll save the big reveal for a future post. 

So, what do you think? Anyone else been doing any patio redecorating?

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