Monday, August 6, 2012

Martha Stewart's here!

It finally arrived!! After a lot of impatient waiting and over a week's hold-up in the delivery, Martha Stewart's Housekeeping book has finally got here! And it's amazing! I don't know how I've been getting on without it!

I ordered the book on Amazon, along with some other items, and the first few arrived right on schedule. Martha's book, however, did not. So, after two days of delayed delivery I sent them an email asking them why it hadn't arrived. They told me to wait until the first of August (almost two weeks since I placed the order!), but like the patient person I rarely am, I did. When it didn't arrive before the estimated date (what a surprise...) I sent them yet another email. They promised to send me another copy free of charge that arrived the next day.
So yes, she found it a little hard to get here, but Martha finally did.
The book has been divided into various sections: Room by Room, Throught the House, Comfort and Safety, Moving and Materials Guide. 

In the Room by Room section, Martha takes you on a tour of each room of the house, focusing on everything you could possibly find in that room and how to care for them. 

The Throughout the House section, which I am currently reading, is basically a class on how to clean. 

Comfort and Safety tells us all about vents, pipes and wires and how to check them on a regular basis. 

The Moving section holds a serious of tips for this stressing job and her information will be tagged as soon-to-be-very-helpful. 

The Materials Guide covers the substances that "give rooms personality" and tips on care and maintenance. 

The book also includes a range of lists and cleaning products to keep on hand. 

I'm not even halfway through and I already have a huge list of things I must buy in the future to make my home that "better place". 

Has anyone else been indulging in some Martha-time? Or maybe you own a different "Household bible"? Please share in the comments below. 

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