Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September Mayhem...

...and some serious to-doing!

September is just around the corner, so it's time to start planning and making a serious to-do list. Moving day has been set for the 10th of September, only a couple of weeks away. We have to sort, toss and pack (labeling must be included) and go over the list 100000 times to make sure we're prepared.
And once back in Granada it will be time to unpack, clean, organize and in between I think I'll have to squeeze in the beginning of a new academic year (insert panic scream here). And must not forget to get a start on all those wonderful summer projects I couldn't get done. Ready for the list??

This is going to be sooooooooo tiring!!!
BEFORE WE LEAVE····················································

Before we can hit the road to Granada, first we'll have to pack the car. And before we can do that we have to check the boxes are all there and full and that we aren't forgetting anything. 

O Finish packing
O Check boxes
O Put boxes on car
O Grab water for Jake (for car ride)
O All try and squeeze in the car between the boxes and the pup

ONCE WE GET THERE ·················································

Okay, so now we're in Granada and everything has to be taken out of the car, plopped onto the elevator and pushed into the house. That shouldn't be hard at all (I can see it now "who's idea was it to put all the books in the same box?!")
And after all that unloading it's time to clean and unpack. That's gonna be fun!! (I hope)

O Unload car (don't forget anything)
O Turn lights and water back on. 
O Introduce Jake to his new home.
O First big shopping trip (to fill the car again) to stock up on food for the first few weeks. 
O Mount new living room furniture. Move the existing furniture around. 
O Unpack, giving everything in the boxes a brand new home, cleaning any shelves of dust. 
O Give floors a good sweeping and a mopping. 

Up to here, all the important things have been done. Now it's time for the decorating and a bit more list-making:

O Make list of things that we'll need to buy 
O Decide which project to make first
O Buy materials for said project
O Start project-ing (?)

 So at this pont, we've arrived at the new house, the boxes have been cleared, everything has been cleaned, the fridge is full and there's a project on the way. For now, at least for September, that will be good progress. Now we'll just have to wait and see how far we get, haha

Anyone else moving or making lists? Love to hear from you in the comments below!

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