Monday, September 3, 2012

30 days to...

getting up early!
This Saturday, 1st of September, was the starting date to this all-new, vital challenge for the month. Enough sleeping in until 1 or going to bed at 4am. Now it's time to get back in the routine and get some real zZZzzzZzz.

So I've set myself 30 days to get back into the habit of going to bed earlier (before midnight, preferably) and getting up before, let's say, at least 12. Will I be able to do it?? Well, I hope so, seeing as classes start at 8.30am on the 24th so...finger's crossed!! Three days into the challenge, so far so good!

I know a lot of you bloggers out there are also getting in the Back-to-school-mood and have fished out old or created new morning and/or bedtime routines for those in your family. In my case, there's only me. Well, and ma man, but he is some mythological creature with super powers that give him the abilty to wake up without a fuss. So, there's only me. I don't really have a morning routine that I'd need to write down, I don't think I'll forget it, it just comes naturally. You know, the normal stuff, get up, get dressed, pee, wash face, put on make-up, brush hair, have breakfast, grab bag, check everything's in it and head out the door. Now that I've written it down it looks like a long-ish list, but only takes something like 15-20min!!

I thought I'd also take some time this Monday to let you all know I have a few upcoming projects and posts up my sleeve for this month and the next! These include somewhere to leave mail while you take off your coat at the door and some anniversary luuuuvv blogging.

So, this is my back-to-school challenge for September. Who else has challenged themselves to get back in the routine? Or maybe you just want to get organized before school start? Please leave a comment below!!!

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