Friday, September 7, 2012

A Closer Look at the Lists

Moving day is nearing so obviously my head is jam packed with all the things that have to be done once I get to Granada. Every room has it's own list of chores and as usual, I prefer to write down the list and tick things off as I go. That way I know what has to be done and what has already been completed. Most of the things on the list can be taken care of right away, others will just have to wait.

- Make mail station
- Buy hooks for coats
- Buy umbrella bin (rain season is on the way!!)
- Build or buy console
- Buy mirror

- Mount new coffee table
- Move existing table to corner
- Move big round table to study
- Install TDT box (for digital TV)
- Put up new white curtains
- Put away books in glass cabinet
- Throw out old magazines
- Put away new stuff on shelves
- Paint moldings white
- Change TV

- Put away new stuff from IKEA
- Go shopping
- Throw away any food left in cupboards past sell by date
- Put up calendar
- Make meal plan
- Put baskets in cupboards

- Put up new blinds
- Put blue basket in cupboard for empty jars
- Spray paint laundry bin white
- Wash new towels and sheets left on beds
- Wash swimsuits and beach towels and put away

- Change blue trays for blue baskets in cabinet
- Put perfumes on glass shelves
- Fold towels and put away in bottom cabinet
- Line drawers and back of cabinets with shelf liner

- Change sheets
- Organize closets
- Switch summer and winter clothes

- Organize old notes (throw away unwanted paper!)
- Sort paper clutter

- Pick up plants
- Buy parasol
- Buy terrace furniture
- Build raised vegetable garden

That's quite a list huh?

Who else is moving? Or maybe renovating a room of the house? How long are your to-do lists? And since it's the weekend, maybe someone has a weekened project on the way. Do tell in the comments below!!

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