Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And again!!

Is it that time already?? Wow!! I can't believe I'm here again so soon to give you all a huge thank you for all the views of Life in Sam's Box. We're now up to 3000 and counting!!
I thought this time around, not only would I say Thank You!! a gazillion times, but I'd also give you some of the stats. That's right, I'm letting you in on the numbers. The truth is I'm amazed watching the blog grow a little more every day/week/month. 

Life in Sam's Box was born on the 12th April 2012. At first, it was "just another blog", but after a while it became so much more. I find myself constantly excited when thinking of a new project or taking photos or writing a post. It may not be my full-time job (nor do I want/expect it to be), but it's definitely my full-time hobby. 

The first month was the hardest. Not knowing if anyone other than my boyfriend and sister were reading made it a bit difficult to write the first posts. But it was also a month about learning and realizing that things take time and practice. 
So the first few months my average of views per day was under 10, some days it was only something like 3.

I got my first boost of views after the Pinterest Challenge: Summer edition link party. After that my average of views a day increased a little. And the overall views for the month were amazing!! You can see how the blog evolved on this timeline:

After that first boost, the blog slowing began increasing it's views per day. Today, the average is about 30-40 visit/day. Not bad after only 5 months of blogging!!
The Back to School post included in the link party hosted over on IHeart Organizing also boosted the views at the end of August/beginning September.

Hopefully, Life in Sam's Box will continue to grow, as do I with every new post!

And if you're here reading this, let me tell you one last thing before I go: YOU'RE AWESOME!!

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