Friday, October 19, 2012

Bathroom cabinet change up

The weekend's here again and after another long week here I am again with another re-organizing project. A few months back I tackled the bathroom cabinet and organized the two top shelves, remember?

Well, I don't remember if I told you I wasn't really looking for blue trays the first time around, but for blue baskets. So when I found these cheap plastic baskets this summer I knew they instantly had a new home!! 

So, let's take a closer look at the cabinet:

Let's start with the top cabinet. This is what we started out with (second time around):

It wasn't too bad but it was quite empty and plain, and I really wasn't looking for those trays. I had to lie the bottles flat to stop them from looking really strange. 

I switched the trays for two blue plastic baskets, which fit the bottles so much better (a.k.a. I could stand them up). Mental note: make new labels for baskets. I did leave the trays in the bottom shelf to hold our face towels and added a small white bowl for our bars of soap. 

After the top shelves were done, I moved on to the 4 middle drawers. These were a complete mess. I has all sorts of things in them. Take a look (no judging, please). 

I took some coloured paper (the same one I used to cover our DIY mail station) and measured the inside of the drawer for the perfect fit. 

Then I had to rearrange everything back in the drawers. If you count the drawers left to right and top to bottom, the drawers contain:

1. Hairbrushes and flexi-curlers
2. Medicine drawer
3. Hairspray, dry shampoo, hair ties
4. Travel hairdryer, suncream, empty make up pouches

And last but not least, the bottom shelves. I took this... this:

Just a note, we do have more towels but we're either using them or they're in the laundry bin. Just thought I'd clear that up =D 

As you can see, the box our IKEA dinner plates came in was perfect for keeping extra toilet paper rolls. The middle shelf is for hand towels and the bottom shelf is for bath towels.

And for an extra touch, we put my our perfumes on our glass shelves. 

So, should we take a look at those before and after pictures?

What do you think? Who else has been organizing towels and hand cream? Any new baskets in the house? Please share in the comments below!!


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