Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Making a Blog Binder

Lately, I've been using a small notebook to jot down blogging ideas that come to mind, outlines of a post in the making, layouts for photos and any other blog-planning-related-activities.
I've also found I've been wiritng down somewhat important information such as blog design settings, colours, fonts, etc.

I thought it was a good idea to make a binder to keep all these blog related details in and ensure they don't get thrown out with the notebook once it's full.I picked up this plain blue binder at the closest cheapo store.

On the first page I keep a two month spread calendar to keep track of upcoming posts. 

The next page is for blog details such as fonts, size, colours, etc etc. 

I also keep track of visits per month and incomes from Google Adsense.

 The back of the binder is for sketches, possible projects and other organizing ideas. Hopefully I'll get to some of those too.

You can find all my blog binder printables under the Printables tab.

I had this post scheduled about two weeks ago and in that time I've seen a few other bloggers post some of their own blog binders/books.

You can see what and amazing notebook Jen made here over on I Heart Organizing and Megan's organized multiple blog binder here over on Honey We're Home.

Who else has been making blog binders? Or blog books? Do you prefer writing post as you go or do you prefer having a planned out schedule? Please tell us in the comments below!!


  1. Would love to know where you got the Adsense page! Such a great addition to any blog binder.

  2. All the printables I use are "hand-made" using Microsoft Word or Excel. You can find the Adsense page under the Printables tab, here's the link: If you'd like me to create the same page in a different colour scheme, I'd be happy to!!


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