Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making a Post Caddy

While rummaging through my desk drawer and organizing all the bits and bobs in it, I came across things such as envelopes and stamps that I use a lot less often than everything else in that drawer. So I decided to make more room by taking them out and giving them their own personal home. 

Remember I made something similar about a month ago for our mail? You can read about that project here

Well, the initial idea was to use the same materials for this project, until I came across these pins on Pinterest, which make the most of leftover cardboard:


The first idea was too simple and the second one was two complex, but something in between both was perfect. So I picked out everything I needed for this caddy around the house, bringing the total budget for the project to a big fat zero!! The things I used to make this caddy were:
  • empty cereal box
  • thin cardboard
  • scissors
  • ruler and pen
  • sticky tape and double sided tape
  • blue card and coloured adhesive paper
First, as always, I designed a plan, which meant deciding the dimensions of the caddy. I thought it should have 2 slots (one for big envelopes and one for smaller envelopes) and two small drawers for stamps.

After deciding on the plan, I measured the empty cereal box. The problem was is was too thin, so I decided to cut it lengthways and then cut it to a wider width (does this make any sense at all?). Maybe the pics will help:

I measured 22cm in width on the cereal box, cut and closed the end. I was left with a shorter size of the original cereal box. I then cut the box diagonally on the shorter side, so I was left with the two sections of the caddy. I stuck them together with double sided tape (I find it works better than glue sticks and doesn't bend the card like wood glue) and voilà!!

Once the sections were made and stuck together, it was time to make the drawers. The truth is it sounds trickier than it was. I just made 2 boxes with extra cardboard, which stuck together added up to the same width as the cereal box. Then for the drawers I made two slightly smaller boxes with handles. 

Next it was time to stick everything together and cover it with coloured card and pretty paper. 

And here it is!!!

One more time!!

What do you think? Who else has been DIY-ing this week?? Do you like making projects with things you find at home? What's the most craftiest thing you've made with objects found around the house? Please share in the comments below!!

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