Monday, October 22, 2012

Organizing the Storage Cupboard

Our rented apartment has 3 bedrooms and each of them has at least one cupboard (the master bedroom has 2, 4 doors in total). Since the landloards left quite a few things in the apartment and most of them were decorative, I thought I should put them away carefully so they wouldn't get damaged. Hence the Storage Cupboard!! It's a sort of small garage inside the flat, behind doors. The problem is it was getting so full it had started to get out of hand and looked like this:

I took two of the boxes we had leftover from the move. They were slightly bigger and stacked on top of each other inside the cupboard, they left just enough room on top for a few more trinkets. 

I filled the boxes and wrote down the contents of each box. 

I then made some labels inspired by ones I found ages ago over on I Heart Organizing

Once everything was packed, written down and stuck on the boxes, this is what it looked like: 

As you can see it looks a lot less cluttered and I'm not afraid things will fall on top of me when I open the door.

Let's see a before and after side by side, shall we?

Who else has been organizing this weekend? Or maybe you've been busy making Halloween projects?? Tell tell tell!!! Love to hear from you in the comments below.


  1. Huge difference!
    You did a really good job. Probably I should put my hands also to come cupboard that I actually use in the house! :P
    BTW, if you are interested to give a look at our "lila" bedroom, you are welcome to check my blog! Just to give an idea of what I was talking about the other time!

    1. Thanks!! I love the colour of the walls in your bedroom and the new headboard looks great!!

  2. Sam I am organiziting all day
    saludos from Chilei

    1. Good luck!! Thanks for commenting!!


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