Monday, November 19, 2012

Designing A Project

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great weekend!!

I'm here with you all again, this time to share with you the steps and battles I find I have to fight when coming up with a new project. It takes time. A LOT of time.

Usually, I seem to start with a problem: need storage in the bathroom, need a memo board close to the desk,   that box looks know, usual everyday stuff. When deciding the next project to take on, I must bear in mind the time I have available the next week or so and how much money I'd like to spend on it.

Once I've decided the problem I'd like to solve this time around, I turn to my best friend, the www, in search of some great inspirational ideas (after deciding on a project, my head couldn't possibly do any more work). I've become a great fan of using pinterest in the last year, so there you'll find all my inspirational ideas for the home. You can check out my 40+ boards here. Most os my pins are from, martha stewart and, of course, other motivational bloggers (such as I Heart Organizing or Young House Love). Here are some examples of pins I have on my boards for future projects:

source: 1, 2, 3, 4
source: 5, 6, 7, 8
Other inspirational pictures for future projects can be found over on my Pinterest boards!

Now that I know what I want to do and things I could do, I have to spin those ideas to make them much more personal. For example, the original travel map I saw for the Summer Pinterest Challenge was a US map, since I don't live in the US, I thought it was better to have a Spanish one. Or when it comes to ideas that include things for kids, I just blank those out for the time being. 

Once the idea has been thought of (and possibly drawn out on some piece of paper):

it's time to let it settle. That's right. Time to wait a little. If you're in a rush, you probably won't be able to, but I suggest letting ideas sit and change with time. That way you'll minimize the risk of future regrets. In my case, I thought I wanted two small cork boards above my desk and almost went out to get them the very same day. However, the task was posponed, due to other daily matters, and about a week later I had changed my mind. I highly recommend living with the idea for a while before acting it out. 

Before I start, I make a list of materials I'll need and an approximate budget of how much I'll spend. If I'm happy with the numbers, I go on. 

Make sure when you set out to complete a project, you don't do it in a rush. You will make mistakes. This will either mean more time or money to be invested and possibly you getting a little frustrated and stressed. Choose a day you know you're less busy. Take it easy. Step by step. 

Ahhhhh. You're project has been completed. Now sit back and enjoy your hard work!!!

You can see all the projects I've completed so far under the Projects tab

Are you ready to get a jump start on your projects? Are you organized when doing do? How do you keep track of them? Please share in the comments below!!


  1. I was trying to check the source of the pics, but the Pinterest link to your blog doesn't seem to work. I'm telling just in case you want to fix that, some authors can get upset if their pics are not properly linked...

    1. Thanks, Laura! I seem to have skipped a letter in the link, thanks for the tip. Usually I link each picture up individually but there were so many today I thought you could find them on pinterest and maybe find some more inspiration on the way =)

      PD. I see you changed your blog and it's coming along great!

    2. I got round to fixing the links. Now you can access the source page directly from the post. =)

  2. I know what you mean about regretting projects. One day I decided to paint the living room green and hated the colour after a week. Should have waited a bit...

    1. =O That must have been horrible!! Did you paint over it?


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