Friday, November 23, 2012

Guest Post: 7 Steps to Turn the Bedroom Your Favourite Room

Happy Weekend, everybody!!! Today I have the pleasure to share with you Life in Sam's Box first ever guest post!! Today I'm welcoming Zak from OzMattress Blog, who's going to tell us how to turn our bedroom into our favourite place to be. Let's have a look, shall we?      

The days when your couch is the sacred place in your house to relax and spend quality time after a hard day of work are gone. Say goodbye to bean bags and arm chairs, because the new star of your house is your mattress. With our 7 simple ideas you can turn your sleeping space into a hideout you will not want to leave any time soon.

1. Light creates atmosphere
Different levels of light in your bedroom are vital. Natural lighting is an ideal option, but if natural light isn’t enough, try improving and working on the way your room is lit without being overdoing it. Special lights for reading are a great solution and are very important and if you get lucky enough, they can set your room into a special mood for those times. When it is time to go to bed, make sure your bedroom is dim (use thick, dark curtains to blind out streetlights). 

2. Less is more 
Less furniture, less of a mess. Even if that implies just having a bed and a small bedside table. There is no point in feeling claustrophobic, so living with less stuff will create more space and hey, who doesn’t like more space?

3. Items that put you in a happy mood
You don’t want your bedroom to be messy, but you also want to look around your room and be relaxed and maybe even a little nostalgic. If there’s something decorative that you love, just show it. Make your bedroom a calming place, by filling it with items that make you happy - vases, journals, whatever that means to you. 

4. Colour
A fresh coat of paint can change the look of a room entirely. Even walls that look white can be “cream, bone, white, off white, ivory and beige”. A new lick of paint gives your bedroom new life, and it can be any colour really. I once had green bedroom walls. 

5. The wardrobe has to be spotless for the bedroom to follow
As tempting as it is to leave your clothes on the floor, simply put them away. Seriously, it doesn’t even take 10 seconds. If your closet is well-ordered and tidy then it will make everything so much easier. So even if the rest of the living space is a disaster, you know where you can go to have a tidy and nice room that will make you happy. 

6. Make the Bed your Centre of the Universe
And think of the universe as your room. The room where every kind of fun goes down should be held in high regard. Mattresses for instance should be treated like sexy Italians, you don’t want them to feel left out - as relaxing as Italians can be, they can have a hot temper if not given sufficient attention! 

7. The hotel room rule
Shift your bed, table and decorations around. It’s enjoyable to plan and change it up every now and then and makes your room feel different and fresh, just like a hotel room. Plus, there’s only so much you can take of staring at a particular wall or portion of the ceiling. Some of the other parts of your bedroom can be as equally as exhilarating and if you’re selling yourself short if you don’t experience them once in your life. 

Zak Kardachi is a fit and active person who firmly believes in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a good night’s sleep. For more articles from Zak please visit

Well there you have it!! I think we're all in the mood to start redecorating the bedroom. I know I am!! 

Did you all enjoy Zak's post? Do you have any more ideas to perk up the bedroom? Perhaps you'd even like to write a guest post of your own? Give Zak some praise and leave a comment below!!

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