Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Organizing Blog Photos

Last month's Monthly Challenge was to organize the digital. The files. The photos. Oh, the photos!! So many of them. And ever since I started blogging, I found I had to create a separate folder for all the blog photos I take.

After a while, I didn't know how to organize them. I'd used some, not others. I had copies of some, others were fuzzy. A complete disaster. Which is why I decided to tackle them as a separate project all on their own.

First, I had to decide how I was going to organize them. Tricky. Very tricky. I created separate folders for each "big" project and/or post: laundry room upgrade, time management, food week, etc. But I had a lot of photos that didn't belong in a certain post folder, they were just random shots I wanted to include here or there: notebook and pen photos, photos of the sun, the weather, of Jake. So I created another folder called Random. Because that's exactly what is in there. Random photos of everyday life.

Then, as with my personal photos, I deleted the copies. The blurries. The unfocused. The down right ugly.

And after cleaning out my blog folder I came to an important conclusion: I need a new camera. pronto. Though they're not awful, at the moment the photos I'm taking aren't good either. Mainly because I broke my camera this summer (big oops). So I'm now on the market for a new one for Christmas. It cannot wait any longer. And this is where you awesome people come in: any suggestions? I'm looking for a good camera but not too expensive. My old camera was a Canon but I'm also considering Nikon. Any opinions on the matter? (I also posted this question on Life in Sam's Box's FB page, in case you prefer to pop over and answer over there). This would be very helpful and hopefully will improve the blog greatly. =)

Do you guys feel overwhelmed with blog photos? Are you looking for a new camera too? Do you own a wonderful camera you'd like to share with me/us? You can share over on Life in Sam's Box FB page or posting the link in the comments below!!

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