Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Organizing cords

A few months into blogging I posted about how I organized my cables. At the time, I was sharing the flat with a roommate and kept all my cords in one of my nightstands. Now that Adri's moved in, they've been moved to the drawer under the TV.

At first I just transferred the toilet rolls to the drawer but I noticed I started using the cables more often: camera charger, USB cables, TV cables. So I thought I needed a new system that would make taking cords out and putting them back an easier chore.

I searched the web for a few ideas for putting those pesky cords away:



You may remember I used the toilet roll method to organize my cables last April (read here). This time I decided the option that fit us best was to create compartments inside the drawer for each cable and if possible, label.

I took a big piece of cardboard I had leftover from the Post Caddy project and cut out some dividers that fit the drawer exactly. Each compartment was 10cmx10cmx10cm.

Then I made sure it all fit nicely inside the drawer:

It was already looking a whole lot better (but then, anything looks better than a huge jumble of cords, right?), but I decided to cover the dividers in some pretty adhesive paper.

Gorgeous!! All that was left was to make some labels:

The best part of this whole project was that it was 0€. Absolutely free!! If you don't have thick card lying around I'm sure you can use empty cardboard boxes to create compartments or even cereal boxes. If it looks too unappealing to the eye, you can also cover the dividers in pretty paper.

What do you think? Are you ready to get those cords under control? If you liked this post or have any other ideas on how to organize cords, please comment below!! I love hearing from you!!


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