Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tupperware Organization

Note: I know I didn't post on Monday as usual, but I'm afraid I haven't been feeling very well these past few days. I promise to make it up to you guys with a late Monday post and an extra post this weekend! =)

Today I'm going to tell you all about tupperware. Plastic with lids. I have a LOT of it. About a year ago I purchased a 17-piece set from IKEA that was really handy. They all seem to fit one inside the other and there was always the perfect size to choose from. To that I later added a 6-piece set my dad gave me. Add to that another 4-piece and all those empty containers you know you can repurpose and put food in and...well...this happened:

A great big jumble of mess. Though we tried and tried again, those pesky lids would always fall off and get lost in the back. And we never seemed to put everything back where it used to be. Let's be honest, they never really had a place to begin with.

So it was time to purge and clean out the plastic. I tossed all those stained, broken, old and gritty platic containers and only left the 5 piece, the 4 piece and what was left of the 17 piece, along with a few good freezer friendly ones.  And here we have the result:

So there you have our short filled-with-tupperware story. I hope you got the urge to purge some plastic too!!

Do you have a problem with tupperware as well? Have you organized yours too? Please share the links in the comments below!!

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