Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Say Cheese!

Last summer my compact Canon IXUS 80S broke. Died. It was devastating. I found myself with no camera to continue blogging and that was part of my disappearing act back around Christmas time. 

But February blessed me with enough dosh to pick up a new camera!! Hooray!! So let me introduce you guys: readers, camera, camera, readers. 

I decided on the Nikon Coolpix L810. 16,1mp. 26x wide optical zoom. HD video recorder. I am seriously in love with it!! 

At 185€ on Amazon (check it out here) it was my late Christmas present to moi. And now I can get back to blogging with (hopefully) better quality photos =)  

Talking about getting back to blogging...I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the holidays. Here the weather was a bit blah but I managed to catch up on some sleep^^ I've also been working on a few posts I'm hoping I can publish soon. Hope you'll drop by!

Anyone else been updating their photography equipment? Any advice on shooting some good pics for the blog? Please share your knowledge in the comment below!!


  1. Nice baby you got there! :)
    I also own a Nikon, even though it is a pretty old model (Nikon D40) it never abandouned me... and we are talking of about 6 years!

    1. Wow!! I wish my cameras lasted that long! =D My digital camera lasted just under 4 years, which isn't too bad haha Thanks for dropping by!!



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