Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring cleaning

Spring is oficially here and has been for the past week or so. I thought it would be a good time to get started on that (dreaded) spring cleaning. Yes, it's time to break out the broom and the lists!

Every home seems to have it's own weekly cleaning list and it's usually done in the same order week after week. But there are some things that don't need to be cleaned every week, nor every month for that matter. That's why scheduling a spring cleaning list guarantees these tasks are taken care of. Let me show you a list of things you could include in your spring cleaning list:

  • Clean the inside of the freezer. Some freezers still need to be defrosted every now and then to keep ice from building up, but even it yours doesn't, show it some TLC by giving the inside a good scrub every 6 months. 
  • In the living room, switch heavy curtains and rugs for lightweight ones. Make sure you wash them before putting them away.
  • Switch warm bedding (such as flannel sheets) to cooler ones. 
  • Go through and throw away all your old cosmetics and medications.
  • Throw out or donate old/broken clothes (including shoes)
  • If you're lucky to own enough clothes to separate winter from summer clothes, wash and store winter clothes and break out the sandals!
  • Go through items in attic and garage, throwing away or donating items you no longer need or want to keep. 
  • Throw out old documents/files. 
  • With the weather getting warmer, it's a good time to give outdoor spaces a good scrub (that includes doors, walls, light fixtures, gutters...). Paint if necessary. 
  • Make or update a home inventory!
  • Dust all surfaces, including hard to reach areas. Take books of shelves and dust both. 
  • Polish metal hardware.
  • Sweep/vacuum all floors and ceilings (move furniture to get underneath). 

Here's a copy of my Spring Cleaning Checklist you can download for FREE and use as you please. I left some blank slots in case you have other spaces in your house you need to care for this spring:

download here
Have you got around to doing your spring cleaning? Do you use printables like the one above? Any tips for some of (us) lazy ones? Please share in the comments below!

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