Monday, May 13, 2013

One Step At A Time

When I started this blog last year, I was inspired by bloggers who had (and still have) a husband, house and/or kids to look after. Though I would love to write about how to run a home or how to organize kids toys, I'm not quite there yet (understatement!).

So where am I right now? At uni. College. Whatever you call it, but it's just me in my room with 3 other roommates.

So what do I know about the most? Well, uni. So I should talk about notes and exams, right? NO (well, maybe a little). Let's talk about one-bedroom decoration.

My first year at uni I lived in a hall of residence (called Colegio Mayor, here in España). I had a tiny room, blank walls and we weren't even allowed to put posters up. What we did have was a huge corkboard on one wall to decorate as we pleased. But you couldn't underestimate the part bedding and pretty storage boxes played in making that tiny room feel more "me" and less "blank". Unfortunately, I have to photos from that room, but I can talk about where I'm living now.

What's my room like today? Well, an apartment certainly has it's upgrades, especially when it comes to space.  But the blank walls...well, they're a bit trickier to get rid of.

Now I know what I'd like to concentrate on, let's see what topics I can share with you guys:

  • Small space storage. Make the most of that space under your bed. 
  • Desks. Pretty folders, boxes, pencil cups all play in a part in keeping your room organized. 
  • Notes. Yup, organizing notes that is (files, colour coding, planners). 
  • Time management. 
  • Setting up a chore chart. 
  • Cooking for one. 
  • Dealing with scrap paper. 
  • Etc. 

Yes, I think I have quite a few things to share with you. So, where do I begin...?

Are you in college at the moment? Younger, perhaps? Older, maybe? Would you like to hear about a certain topic in particular? Let me know via email or in the comments below!!


  1. Many times I have the same problem. Even though we own a house I feel stuck with decorating it because I LOVE the style I see in many blogs (which are usually located in America), but living in Scandinavia I cannot find the items with the same style.
    Then I realized one thing. I should blog about things that make me happy! This is the most important thing! We should not try to emulate other's blog, but we find our dimention and write what we know about and what want to share!

    Anyway, the "new" topics you are going to write about are very interesting and I will surely continue reading your blog! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It's so nice to hear from you guys =) And that's exactly the point: writing about what you know about and what you love! If you have any ideas for posts I'd love to hear them^^ Thanks for stopping by!



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