Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mosquitos. Are. Here.

Oh, no! Run away!! Keep running!!

It's that time of year again. The sun is out and shining and the thermometer is boiling, so those pesky blood-sucking bugs are back for another round of A positive. Well, not anymore I tell you (I mean not as much anyway).

I'm usually not really into "selling" products to my readers but when I find something that works, I feel I'm obliged to share. I know all my readers aren't from Spain, but for those of you living in España or who have access to Spanish proucts, I discovered THE ultimate antimosquito product. Yup. Feast your eyes on this baby.

5,60€ at Mercadona, with two refills

Bloom! that's right. I've known about this product for about two years and believe me when I say it works. Only last night I was studying with the window open, when a mosquito came through the window and perched itself on my desk lamp. I was just staring at it (obviously deciding what I was going to squish it with) when it just fell off, right onto my notes. It just died, like that, right in front of me.

I think I must have tried almost every antimosquito product on the market and nothing seemed to work, until I met Bloom. Not one bite yet! Woohoo!! So if your looking for something that works, I'd give Bloom a shot^^

Has anyone else heard of Bloom? What antimosquito product do you use at home? Do you usually get bitten a lot too? Are you a scratcher? (too personal perhaps?). Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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