Thursday, June 13, 2013

Take A Break

Studying finals is exhausting. Plain, flat out, exhausting. This whole school year I've been feeling completely knackered, even taking naps in the afternoon just to power through the day. I only recently discovered what I was doing wrong.

I was pushing myself way too hard. Staying up late to cram, pushing myself to meet outrageous deadlines, juggling a busy schedule. It was all too overwhelming. The worst part was I wasn't taking any breaks. Study sessions would go on for 3-4 hours, with no breaks. NO BREAKS.
About a month ago I decided to take a different approach. I pulled out my agenda and planned to study each exam at least a week before the exam date, setting daily goals for each chapter. I also started prioiritzing and saying no to extra class activities. Lately, I've been attending my faculty's Biochemistry department, lending a hand on some of the projects but these past few weeks, with finals, I just had to keep my distance.

So, what is it I'm trying to tell you guys?


I'm my case, I'm a college student. You might be working, be a parent, or even both or neither. Whatever your case, I'm sure there are some moments when you just can't stand the pressure anymore. Just sit back and relax. Even if it's just for 5 minutes, but do it. Your body can't run on an empty tank. You need to refuel.

Most of the time your body tells you you need rest. So learn to listen. Set aside your work for a moment and just relax.


There are so many things you can do to unwind: watch TV, read a book, take a bath, play with your kids, go for a run... The best part of all this is that when you get back to your work, you're going to be so much more productive...and all because you RESTED. 

Who else has tried to do it all at once? Do you ever feel tired? How do you unwind? Let's hear some suggestions in the comments below!!


  1. I have felt many times overwhelmed because of studies and work (and let's not count the house to take care of). You are right. Relaxing moments are very important, even if sometimes it feels you are wasting time. Working and studying basically all day long made me realize few things that are really important for me, for example go to sleep at decent hours (sleep is REALLY important for me if I want to be awake and funtional during the day) and keep one day a week totally for myself.
    Even if I still have some work/study to do, Sunday is the day I "force" myself to push duties aside and I enjoy a nice long walk with my dog, a good book or a evening out with my friends. :) It is important to recharge!!

    1. Exactly!! It's so important to rest if you want to make the most of your time. Otherwise, you'll just be flopping around all day haha. Thanks for commenting!! =)

      Sam xx


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