Friday, July 12, 2013

Guest Post: Small Summer Changes

Hey guys! Happy Friday!! I hope you're all having a great summer and making the most of your free time =) 

Today I'm happy to share with you  Guest post, written by Jade Waddy about all those small changes that take place in the home when those temperatures start to rise. Hope you all enjoy!!

When the sun starts to shine we all tend to drop whatever it is we are doing to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and there are lots of small but important changes that we make during this time to help us through the searing heat. Some people like the sun and others don't but all of us have our homes in common and we all make these changes ever summer of every year.

To start we take a lot of items out of the garage or loft; things like BBQ's, parasols, paddling pools and other summer related things. You need to make sure that during the winter these certain items are packed away properly and are clean before you store them, otherwise you may get a nasty and sometimes costly surprise come next summer. With BBQ's you especially need to make sure that it is covered correctly and has been sufficiently cleaned so that it is less prone to rusting over the winter period.

Another change we make is to our living spaces, starting from thinner and less heat retaining curtains or replacing these with summer friendly blinds (which can be found here) to adding different kinds of fans around the room. Adding lots of fans to a room is all well and good but you need to be making sure that you have your windows open and that they are not covered by curtains as you need fresh air to be able to blow around the room, if not you are left blowing the same stale and warm air around in circles.

The garden tends to get a little spruced up for this time of year also, people take more care as they generally wish to spend this season enjoying it at its full potential. Cutting the grass and trimming tree's and bushes ensures you have enough room to fit a pool of some sort, garden chairs and tables or room for a dog or children to run around and play games with each other. Be warned, there are a growing number of hay fever sufferers so make sure that if you do suffer from it that you take the right tablets, nasal sprays or eye drops to help you though and give you the freedom to run around your lovely garden.


The kitchen at this time of year changes in different ways for many people, some people use their kitchen windowsills to grow herbs and small plants and others wash up more by hand rather than using a dishwasher as plates and utensils dry quicker in the heat. Fridges and freezers also become rather different during this period as we are so warm that we opt for cold meals and salads. A lot of people also tend to store bottles of water in the fridge and freezer, but when doing this remember that you will need room for

Jade Waddy
I'm Jade Waddy and I am a lover of all things to do with writing, music and cheese. I have been writing for several years and have an A level in journalism. Writer over at

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What changes do you make when summer comes around? Have you already prepared that barbacue and that dusty outdoor space? Please share in the comments below!!

Have a great weekend!!

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