Monday, July 22, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Sam is back! Estepona was great =) Beach, pool, sun, ahh, the good life. But now I'm back home, only for a week though, then I'm off again to Zaragoza. But before I go you can check out some of those summer pics over at Following Sam

I also promise to schedule a few posts for next week, there are a few projects I'd like to tackle before I'm off again, like organizing spices and the closet (you know, it's sales  time!!).

I'll be back to Estepona the first week of August, so I'm preparing some more summer/beach posts for then too =)

With so much a bit more time on my hands I'm also thinking about making some more printables or tweaking some of the ones I already have in different colours (check out the Printables section). But I'd love some inspiration, so I'd love it if you could submit your suggestions for future printables in the comments below. Maybe you've always wanted a printable for packing clothes when travelling? That one's already done here. Or maybe you want some pretty labels for garage storage boxes? Just let me know and I'll get cracking!

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