Friday, July 5, 2013

Planning A Trip

Summer's here and so are Summer holidays. so everyone is packing their bags and checking their passports for a short/long getaway. When considering taking a trip there are a few questions you need to answer.

1. How many people will be going?

The more the merrier, they say? True. But when it comes to trips, the more, the more difficult it is to plan. It's hard to agree on where to go and how to get there when there are so many of you. A good number is around 5-6 people. Any more and your heads will surely explode.

2. Set a budget.

Some people choose a destination first and then set the budget. WRONG. You may want to go to Thailand, but then find you can't afford anything. You all have to agree on how much you're willing to spend on this trip. This includes transport, accomodation and food.

3. Choose a destination. 


Skiing or sunbathing. Check different modes of transport to see if you can afford to go there, checking your budget. Check online sites for cool offers and discounts.

4. Set a date.

How long are you going to stay? Make sure no one has plans two or three days before and two or three days after the trip, in case something comes up.

5. Find a place to stay: hotel, motel, camping

Motels are cheaper than hotels and camping sites are usually cheaper than motels. It's up to you and your budget to pick somewhere to stay. Make sure everyone's okay with the decision. You may not mind sleeping on the floor, but your best friend with a back problem may not be so keen.

6. Make arrangements


And to make planning your trip a lot easier, here you have a new FREE printable:

Download here

Ready to go on vacation? Where are you going this summer? Family or friends? Please share in the comments below!! I love hearing from you guys =)

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