Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Blog Book

I hate not being able to find things. Absolutely hate it. Especially when it comes to ideas I suddenly think of at inappropriate times. A while back, after discovering my memory isn't what it was, I started writing those ideas down on random pieces of paper, only to (obvioiusly) lose them soon after. It made me so mad, I had some pretty good ideas too that just vanished due to my lack of organization.

When it comes to my blog, lately I've found myself running out of ideas, so I find it's especially important not to lose any that come to mind.

About a year ago, I shared my blog binder with you. A place to jot down all those important blog details and keep sketches of future projects. Today I'm here to share my blog book for this year.
Note: I made one last year, though I didn't share it on the blog, so I thought I share this one (plus, I like it 10000 times more than the first one =)). 

Last month I went to Zaragoza on holiday and found two gorgeous notebooks with geomatrical patterns on the cover at a small corner store called Tiger.

I thought the aqua-pink one was perfect for me to keep all those post ideas, to do lists, shopping lists for projects and web enhancement ideas. All it was missing were tabs and a label.
Note: Please excuse the quality of the photos, they turned very grainy after I uploaded them!

As you can see in the picture above, I divided the notebook into four sections: 

  • Blog: for blog ideas, post drafts, rough schedules, etc. 
  • To Do: To do lists for projects on hold or in progress
  • Buy: Shopping lists for projects
  • Web: for web enhancement ideas, blog designs, etc.

Now I have one place for everything I need for my everyday blogging activities^^ The great thing is it fits in my handbag, so I can take it with me wherever I go and can always write any blog post ideas that come to mind when I'm not at my desk. 

Do you own a blog book? Do you prefer a binder or a notebook? Isn't the print on this notebook just gorgeous? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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