Friday, August 9, 2013

Travel Bottles

With all this travelling, I've learnt a few helpful tips and tricks when it comes to packing. Things like planning what to pack before you start on your suitcase, less is more and that wearing a T-shirt more than once when on holiday is OK. 

Another thing I learnt was that suitcase space is too precious to use it all up on those huge beauty product bottles. Whether it's shampoo or moisturizer, if you're only going for a week you don't need to take the whole bottle. 

When I was in Zaragoza last month we went on a little shopping spree and I was delighted to discover they had a Primark store (I am IN LOVE with this place). This time around I found these great travel bottles in a clear zip-lock bag for 1,50€! 

This set contains 3 100ml bottles, three small cream containers and a funnel. It also came with this set of labels which I think is great since I don't own my own label maker yet.

Not only have I brought these bottles with me this time around, I also plan to take them with me on future trips. And when it comes for shopping for toiletries before you leave, try and find sample sizes or special travel sizes. They're usually a little bit more expensive if you compare prices with the larger bottle but you'll appreciate the extra packing space. 

---picture of sample toiletries. 

Do you also take smaller bottles when going on vacation? Do you buy sample sizes too? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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