Monday, September 23, 2013

A Passion for Baking

I love love love baking. Cakes, cookies, bread, you name it.

Like some of you know, lately I've been spending a lot of time pinning (Long live Pinterest!). One of the things that have always caught my eye are those wonderfully organized pantries and baking cupboards.

Let me show you some examples:

You can see more examples on my Pinterest boards here.

So I got to thinking and I decided to make some nice baking labels for a future baking cupboard (at the moment, in this shared apartment we don't have room for an exclusive baking cabinet...)

Too cute!! 

These four turned out so great, I thought I'd test a few different colours. And you can download them for FREE!! (They also include two extra blank labels, one for extracts and one for corn flour)

Like I said, you can download these for FREE (everyone loves a freebie!!)

If you'd like to download any other printables, check out the Printables tab at the top of the page. 

Do you have a baking cupboard? What do you think of these labels? Please let me know in the comments below!!

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