Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Planner!

Hey, guys!

With back-to-school just around the corner for us in Spain, I thought I'd share my new planner for this year. You can see the planner from last year here. 

I usually take my time when picking a daily planner but then always end up with the same brand: Finocam. Finocam to Spain is like Filofax to everywhere else, but they do one-year-throw-as-you-go planners as well. That's the one I've chosen for this year. 

When I'm choosing a planner I prefer a week-at-a-glance format and a nice cover. The problem is the prettiest ones are usually a larger size than what I'm looking for. I like my planner to fit nicely into any of my bags, especially the one I usually take to class. This year, however, I've nailed it! Yes, sir, because this year I bought a planner with an empty cover! You heard me, my favourite sized planner with a customizable front page. Want to take a peek?

I just found a blue chevron print online and added the year and my name at the bottom on Excel. I am delighted with the result. Here are a few close ups:

The fonts I've used are: 

I also added a photo of my lurrrve on the back of the front page (the photo paper also gives the front page more strengh and is now unlikely to crease) and a couple of post-it blocks on the first page, like so: 

Since I went a bit colour-coding mad last year (more on this subject further on), I use different colours in my planner for different tasks, such as: 

1. Class schedule
2. Exams
3. Other school related projects
4. Appointments, Paperwork
5. Blog related
6. Birthdays and free time

So there you have it! My new 2013-2014 daily planner! 

Have you got your new planner yet? Do you prefer your planner to start in September or in January? Are you digging chevron as much as I am? Please share your opinion in the comments below!

Note: I do not know what is going on with my photos, they seem to lose a lot of quality when I edit and upload them. I'll try to get the problem fixed a.s.a.p.


  1. I own a Filofax planner and it's amazing. I really recommend them if you're looking for a good planner. I also color code everything and have a clean plastic pencil pouch with different colored pens in the front of it.

    1. I'd love to buy a Filofax. I've been looking for a Metropolitan Lavendar planner but I'm not sure what size yet. And they aren't cheap either. Thanks for the comment!

      Sam xx


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