Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Mantel Pinspiration

Happy Wednesday, you guys!

Wow! A whole week without posting. Please let me explain. There seems to be this stomach bug going around lately and lucky me caught it last week. It was the most horrible experience and I'm certainly not going in to details but I ended up in the ER for dehydration. (Don't worry, I am alive!!). And then as soon as I was better, at least well enough to write a post, boom! My computer crashes. But not a restart-will-fix-you crash. A real failing OS and RAM crash. I know, that's just my luck.

Buuuuuuut, I'm back. I still haven't truly fixed my laptop 100% so if I do some sort of disappearing act again, you know why. For now, I'm here with some new pinspiration for those fall mantels!!

I love mantels. Unfortunately, I don't have one. But I still love looking at them on Pinterest and other sites and magazines. As I've been saying lately, I've been pinning quite a lot so I have some fresh ideas for this fall. Wanna see??


Both of the above use the typical fall orange hues and pumpkins, which I adore. They are so hard to find here but I love them. I think they're what make a mantel a "fall" mantel. 

The following photos are ideas that don't involve orange, but use other items such as branches, wood tones and obviously pumpkins (spray painted of course), to introduce the fall theme. 




These last two also include word features such as "Give Thanks" for Thanksgiving or "Fall". You could use pumpkins, wood blocks, garlands, a chalkboard or item with chalkboard paint.

I think if I had to select three must-haves for my fall mantel they'd be pumpkins, candles and dry branches.

While scrolling through Pinterest, I found this wonderful sketch that illustrates how to decorate a mantel properly. It doesn't matter whether it's fall or spring, I think this will come in handy all year round!!


Did that get you in the mood for some mantel styling? I sure am!!!

You can check out more mantel pinspiration over on my Pinterest board.

What items are a must for you when it comes to fall mantels? Do you love pumpkins as much as I do? Maybe you just think I'm weird. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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