Monday, November 18, 2013

Organizing Manuals

Last month, when my computer crashed I went crazy looking for the user's manual. I thought I had it with all the other manuals in a spiral binder, but turns out...I didn't. So I thought it was time for me to sort these little booklets out.

I used to keep most of my user guides here, in this spiral binder.

The truth is it wasn't only not pretty it also wasn't big enough for all my manuals. I needed a change. The thing with organizing is that nothing stays the same for long. You seem to grow and evolve and as you too, so should your organizing systems. I know for sure whatever method I'm using now, while I'm living on my own, won't be enough when I have a family. And my bulging and overflowing binder was proof of how my needs were growing quickly.

I upgraded to a 2-inch, four ring binder and filled it with plastic covers. I then went through all my manuals, throwing away those I didn't need anymore and sorting them into categories: kitchen appliances, computer and related, cameras...

Once purged and sorted, I put them into the plastic slip covers, maximum two per cover. The truth is with all the purging, I had a lot less to put away, but this way I now have room to expand my collection of manuals.

The truth is it's still missing something. A monogram on the front perhaps? But I'm a lot happier with this system than the previous bulging one.

And now that we're on this line of organization, I thought I'd share a quick tip about what to do with those empty boxes you're left with once you unwrap the appliance. I picked this trick from Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook: staple the receipt to the box and keep it in the garage, attic, anywhere out of the way. As soon as the warranty/garranty expires you can throw the box away.

I know all those boxes can take up quite a lot of room, so I learnt to fold the boxes so they take up less space, but still keep the receipt staples to them. If you ever have to return the product, just put the box back together.

And this tip goes for smaller electronics too.

Have a great Monday!!

How do you organize your manuals? Please share in the comments below!!

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  1. Stapling the receipt to the box is a really good idea. Thanks for sharing



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