Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Should I Put A Lid On It?

Even though sometimes perhaps I should, I swear this post isn't about when to shut up. It literally is about boxes and lids. So, let's talk boxes.

Anyone who reads my blog will know I love organizing with boxes and bins. However, everytime I have to pick what to use I have to ask myself these question: What size should I use? What colour? Should this box have a lid?

1. Size

When it comes to picking a size, this is actually the easy part. Obviously, the bigger the items, the bigger the box. However, sometimes, even though you only have a few of a certain item, sometimes it's better to think ahead and make room for future purchases. For example, you may have a box for sheets. At the moment, if you've just bought a new bed, you may only have a few sets of sheets, but down the line you may buy more. Pick a box that will grow with your needs.


2. Colour

This is totally up to you. If it's going to be put on the hightest shelf in the cupboard and never seen again, don't worry about the colour. But if it's kept on an open shelf, think about colours that will match the room's colour scheme. For example, if your living room has a white-grey-blue colour scheme try using white, grey or blue boxes.


Don't forget that, colour aside, you can always use boxes with a pattern or metallic accents.


3. Lid or no lid? 

I think this is the most difficult question. It all depends on what's going in the box. 
  • If the item is going to be used regularly, it's better to keep the lid off. That way there's a higher chance everyone at home will put the item back. 
  • If the box is for toys, keep the lid off. Kids are more likely to put their toys away if they can just throw them in there. 
  • For long term documents and keepsakes, find a box with a lid. It will protect everything in the box from dust and sunlight. Same goes for photos. 
  • If your box contains things that could be harmful for children, keep a lid on it. Even better, find a lid with a safe lock. 
You might not always pick the perfect storage box to begin with, but if you fail, try and try again. After all, it's just a box. 

Do you use more boxes with or without lids? Do you prefer baskets or plastic? Or maybe wood? Please share in the comments below!

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